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Guidelines On Reponening Of School for Academic Year 2020-2021
  •   The below guidelines will be strictly followed by the Staff, Parents, and Students of  22nd Century Public School, in the event of the school reopening for physical classes, as per the recent order given by the competent authorities. Please note any change in the below guidelines will be subject to further directions from authorities from time to time.


General information and Guidelines:


Date of reopening of Physical Classes: 4th January 2021 (Monday).

Classes proposed to be started:6 to  10 classes.

Class Timing: 9:30 am to1.30 pm. (any change in the duration shall be communicated)

Reporting time : Between 9 to  9.15 am.

Working Days: Monday to Saturday.


  • Consent Form, in the prescribed format, duly signed by the parents to be compulsorily submitted by all the students, at the Security, before entering the campus on the first day.
  • Wearing of face mask at all times while being on campus is COMPULSORY. Students are advised to carry an extra mask with them in the school bag.
  • All the Staff and student are required to strictly follow the COVID-19 appropriate behavior in the school premises–greet without physical contact, maintain physical distance, wear reusable face-cover or mask at all times, avoid touching on eyes, nose or mouth, wash hands regularly and thoroughly, regularly clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces, do not spit in the open, maintain respiratory hygiene and so on.
  • All staff and students shall undergo thermal screening and temperature checking/hand sanitization before being allowed entry into the school campus.
  • If any student or staff develop flu symptoms (fever, feeling feverish/chills, sore throat, running nose or stuffy nose, headache, fatigue etc.) or sick or cOVID-19 symptoms (fever, dry cough, tiredness, body pain, headache, loss of smell, loss of taste, skin rashes etc.) they are advised not to come to school and stay isolated at home. Note that some of the symptoms of flu and COVID-19 are similar, making it hard to tell the difference between them. Only diagnostic testing can help determine the difference.
  • Staff and students shall NOT be allowed entry into the campus if they are found to be having any of the symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Though hand-sanitizers (with foot pedal dispensers) shall be made available at the entrance, it is highly recommended that every student brings a bottle of sanitizer for personal use.
  • Classrooms doors and windows shall be kept open at all times to avoid physical contact with the doors handles.
  • School will have poster and notice reminding staff and students of various protocols in COVID-19 appropriate behavior.
  • Reminders and various instructions will be given to students at regular intervals until they develop desirable habits appropriate to the current situation.
  • If staff/students are found willfully violating or negligently approaching the precautionary measures instituted by the school, such members shall be disallowed from visiting the campus until further orders.
  • Students /teachers who are seemingly well, but have a COVID-19 infected member at home, or a member having contact COVID-19 tested positive person, shall intimate the same to the school and shall attend classes/duty only upon producing COVID-19 RT-PCR Negative test report /after completing 14 days of home quarantine.


      Dress Code for Students:


  • Wearing School uniform is recommended.
  • Those who do not have the school uniform/newly admitted shall be allowed to come in formal colour dress until the uniform is distributed (jeans, T-shirts, Tights, Sleeveless top Etc., shall not be allowed in the campus).


  Role of Staff maintaining cleanness and ensuring adherence to COVID – 19 Protocol:


  • Students shall use only allotted space for keeping their personal belongings.
  • The housekeeping and cleaning staff will be given special training in sanitizing and deep
  •  Cleaning will be done in the areas used by the students and staff.
  • The Staff shall be strictly instructed NOT to have any physical contact among themselves or with the students.
  • Teachers shall be present in the classrooms during all arrival/recess/ dispersal time to monitor and regulate students’ movement and interaction.
  • School Staff shall, at all times, demonstrate exemplary conduct in wearing face mask, hand-sanitization/hand-washing, maintaining social distancing, etc.
  • Staff shall report to the Principal of any member of the School Staff/ Students refusing to follow the general instructions given above.No visitor shall be allowed to visit the classes while sessions are in progress, under any circumstances.


 Transport Arrangements:


  • Parents  need to plan for their own transport arrangements for their wards and may reach the campus  between  9 and 9:15 am.
  • Students who travel on their own are directed to leave the campus, under the supervision of the teachers, in batches, from 1:30 pm.


Usage of Washrooms:


  • There will be different recess timings for students to ensure social distancing and to effectively manage the issue of overcrowding at washroom area.
  • Classes will move out in an organized and systematic way to avoid the rush in the Corridors and washrooms.
  • Washrooms will be sanitized and hygienically maintained at all times. Careful and hygienic use of the facilities by students will be highly appreciated.
  • Liquid hand wash/soap shall be made available in all washrooms for hand wash. Students are advised to carry their own hand towels or paper napkins.


Drinking Water Points:


  • Students and staff members will bring their own water bottles. Safe drinking water will be available in the campus Tumblers for common use shall not be provided.
  •  Warm water for drinking purpose shall be made available.


Use of Library and Laboratories:


  • Students will be allowed to use Library and Lab facilities, but will have to strictly adhere to social distance norms.
  • All places, including Labs and Libraries, used by the students and staff, will be sanitized regularly and maintained hygienically.